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Welcome to Specials!

At Forest Hills Elementary School, special classes offer students in grades K-6 a diverse and enriching educational experience beyond their core subjects. These special classes are designed to foster creativity, physical fitness, and the development of various skills and interests.

For students in grades K-3, the special classes include Art, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics), Library, Music, and Physical Education. These classes provide a well-rounded and balanced curriculum that complements their primary education.

For students in grades 4-6, the special class offerings continue with Art, STEAM, Library/Keyboarding, Music, and Physical Education. Additionally, students in these grades have the opportunity to join the chorus, as well as explore their musical talents by participating in the school band.

In the STEAM class, students engage in hands-on learning experiences that encompass science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. This multifaceted approach encourages creative problem-solving and critical thinking. Students have the chance to code, interact with robots, and explore the school's SMALLab (Student Multimedia Accelerated Learning Lab), a transformational 3D learning environment that takes education to a new dimension.

Physical Education classes at Forest Hills Elementary School are not only about staying active but also about promoting physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle. The gym is equipped with a rock-climbing wall and weight-lifting equipment, providing students with a well-rounded physical fitness experience. These classes instill the importance of exercise and teamwork while making physical fitness an enjoyable part of the students' day.

The special classes at Forest Hills Elementary School are designed to encourage well-rounded development by fostering creativity, critical thinking, and physical fitness. They offer students opportunities to explore and develop their talents and interests in a variety of subjects, preparing them for a rich and diverse educational experience.