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Student support Services

Student Support Services

 What is SSS?

   The Student Support Services (SSS) Team addresses the challenge of helping those elementary students who are having trouble in school. The SSS process is a positive, success-oriented program. SSS is an intervention program, not a treatment program, designed to identify high-risk students who are having school problems due to academic, social, emotional, behavioral or mental health issues. It is a team approach designed to assist students to function successfully in the elementary school environment. The goal for the SSS Team is to maximize individual student's success. Any student (grades Pre-K - 6) who is experiencing difficulty functioning successfully in the classroom due to consistent academic or behavioral problems may be a candidate for SSS services. All information regarding a student's involvement in the program is confidential and maintained in the best interest of the student.


Why have a Student Support Services Team?

   All school districts in Pennsylvania are mandated to establish and maintain a program to provide appropriate counseling and support services for students who experience difficulties in school. The program has been in existence since1985 and has been maintained as a cooperative effort between the Pennsylvania Departments of Education, Health, and Public Welfare. The primary goal of the Student Support Services (SSS) is to help students overcome barriers in order that they may achieve, remain in school, and advance.

Where do I go for questions and help?

Contact the Forest Hills Elementary School and request to speak with one of the team members.

Possible concerns are:

·          Social

·          Emotional

·          Behavioral

·          Health Related

·          Academic

How does a child get referred?

Anyone can make a referral including: 

·          Parents/Guardians

·          Administration

·          Teachers/Faculty/Staff

·          Students