Second Grade » Welcome to Second Grade!

Welcome to Second Grade!

Second Grade represents a critical stage in a child's educational journey, where the focus is on advancing phonemic awareness and math skills, fostering independence, and expanding students' knowledge of the world. This grade builds upon the foundational skills developed in earlier years while introducing more advanced concepts.

In Second Grade, there is a strong emphasis on advanced phonemic awareness, aimed at helping students become more proficient and independent readers. Teachers continue to utilize evidence-based approaches, including ECRI (Enhanced Core Reading Instruction) and Heggerty phonics and phonological awareness resources, all thoughtfully aligned with the Science of Reading. By this stage, students are expected to transition from early reading stages to becoming confident, independent readers who can explore texts and literature with greater comprehension and fluency.

Mathematics remains a central focus, with students delving into more advanced mathematical concepts and problem-solving skills. Everyday Math, a comprehensive math program, is used to teach these advanced concepts, and it is further enriched with SpringMath, a program designed to hone and refine math skills. The math program maintains alignment with the Science of Math to ensure a solid mathematical foundation.

In Second Grade, students also begin LinkIt! benchmark testing, which serves to monitor their academic progress and inform teachers about the most effective instructional strategies to employ for each learner. This data-driven approach helps tailor instruction to meet the individual needs of students, ensuring that every child can reach their full potential.

In addition to literacy and math, students in Second Grade continue to explore subjects such as Science and Social Studies, deepening their understanding of the world and developing critical thinking skills.

As in previous years, Second Grade students also enjoy special classes in library, art, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics), music, and physical education. These classes offer a holistic and well-rounded educational experience that encourages creativity, physical fitness, and a love for learning beyond the core subjects.

Second Grade is a pivotal year where students transition from foundational learning to more advanced exploration. The alignment of the curriculum with the Science of Reading and the Science of Math ensures that students receive a research-based and effective education. This grade empowers students to become independent readers, critical thinkers, and confident problem solvers, setting the stage for future academic success and personal growth.